The scenic road from Athens to Olympia through Vitina.

We recommend this route if you are driving a medium and small car. You are not recommended to use it in the evening hours as when the weather is bad. You may also have a long stop in Vitina and a second stop in Lagadia. We would say that you need less than 2 hours from Athens to the tunnel of Artemisio. Then follow the signs to Olympia, you will need another 2 hours from there. There is less traffic and for the last 80 km the road is narrow and curved. However, the fastest and most relaxing route from Athens is captured on the map you see below, with minimal turns and more safety.

By Car from Delphi

The distance between and Ancient Olympia is approximately  250 Km long. The Greek national road 48/E65 connects  Delphi, Itea, Galaxidi,  Nafpaktos  and lays along the scenic Corinthian Gulf.  Galaxidi is a nice small harbor and  resort  town with traditional architecture and famous marine museum.  Nafpaktos  has a population of 20.000 inhabitants and was wide known from the ancient times as an important boat yard which later belonged to Venetians.  It is a really good place for travelers to make a short  stop for a cup  of coffee with nice view to the Corinthian Gulf.

In the next  25 km is  the new Rio – Antirrio  bridge which connects  Sterea Ellada with Peloponnese ( Patra) is  the world’s longest cable bridge (2.880m long). It was opened in the year 2004 and it is really impressive masterpiece of engineering which is visible from far away as a wonderful white sales. From this bridge to Olympia  requires driver’s attention because there are a lot of crossroads. For the last part of your trip use the highway across the sea and avoid GPS suggestion through the main land.

By bus/train

Many KTEL ILIAS busses daily from the Peloposesse terminal A Kifissou str.100, Athens. tel:210 5134111 & 210 5124910. You travel to Pyrgos and there  immediate connections to Ancient Olympia. Hotel is located only 300 meters far from the local bustop. Also you may send us an email if you need help related the bus  shedules.